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Five Star Upwork Rating for Harry Dale (Freelance Copywriter and SEO specialist at HDCopyCo)

Hey, I’m Harry 👋🏻

Harry Dale (freelance SEO copywriter and SEO consultant at HDCopyCo).

I’m a freelance SEO copywriter from Sydney, Australia. I’m also the owner of HD-SEO.

Since 2020, I have helped more than 50 businesses around the world to:

  1. Build a website that brings their brand to life;
  2. Rank on the first page of Google with strategic SEO copywriting;
  3. Boost their revenue with clever sales psychology.

What makes me different to other freelance copywriters? In a fast-paced world, I wrangle eyeballs with writing that is simple.

That doesn’t mean basic or boring.

It means getting your point across as quickly and powerfully as possible.

Message me now with a few basic details about your project. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Harry Dale (freelance copywriter and owner of HDCopyCo).

Why Hire an SEO Copywriter for Your Website?

Build the Ultimate Sales Rep

Create a Customer Journey

Your website is your 24-hour showroom. Your copy is your salesperson. It must pull in visitors, provide solutions to their problems and push them to the point of purchase. Utilise proven sales tactics to boost conversion rates.

Unlock A Larger Market

There are 8.5 billion Google searches every day. Some of them are seeking your business. Your copy must be SEO-friendly, target your ideal market and differentiate you from competitors.

Prove Your Expertise

Your website copy should speak to customers on a personal level. It should show character and reflect your years of experience. Much like you would in face-to-face conversation.

Spend Less Time Marketing

Stop wasting time repeating your sales pitch to prospects. Send them to your website instead. Your website copy should include as much information and detail as possible.

Website SEO Copywriting Service


Sales Focus

I’ll structure your website copy so that users transition seamlessly from visitor to prospect to paying customer.


Capitalise upon your target market. I research and incorporate the keywords you need to join the 1st page of Google.

Market Research

I identify the strengths that differentiate you from competitors. Plus I provide your visitors with as much information as possible.

Tone of Voice

Give your business a voice that speaks to your target market. Copy that captures your personality, branding and expertise.


I’m not satisfied until you are. You’ll get the chance to provide your feedback and I’ll make changes accordingly.


Simple writing is easy to read and understand. But to write simply requires careful consideration. Every word counts.

Website Copywriting Packages for Every Business

HD-SEO offers three website copywriting plans to suit a range of businesses. The larger or more complex your business, the more web pages you will likely require. 

Single Page Website



incl. GST (AUD)

  • 1 Page of Copy*
  • 1 Round of Revisions
  • SEO & Market Research
  • Proofreading
  • Phone/Zoom Meeting

Small Website



incl. GST (AUD)

  • 5 Pages of Copy*
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • SEO & Market Research
  • Proofreading
  • Phone/Zoom Meeting
  • 1 Free SEO Blog Post**

Large Website



incl. GST (AUD)

  • 10 Pages of Copy*
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • SEO & Market Research
  • Proofreading
  • Phone/Zoom Meeting
  • 1 Free SEO Blog Post**

Not sure which plan is right for your business? Contact me.

*1 Page of copy being approximately 500 words.
** 1 Free SEO Blog Post being approximately 1,000 words.
Prices in Australian dollars

Things Clients Say

About My SEO Copywriting Service

THE BEST EXPERIENCE! Thank you for all your hard work, Harry. Extremely happy with the copy and content.”

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Five By Five Web Design

“Harry did an outstanding job writing the copy for my business website. Thorough, well-researched and highly professional.

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Sher Lawyers

Excellent copywriter. Quick to understand what’s needed and works independently to produce high-quality content.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have written website copy and SEO articles for dozens of different businesses across a range of industries, including: law, commerce, construction, web design, consumer goods, health and beauty, travel, sport, gaming and fashion. 

There is no one particular industry that I specialise in as a freelance copywriter.

However, my Law Degree (LLB) and experience in the legal industry are advantageous when working with law firms and other professional enterprises. I have a sound understanding of Australian Federal and State laws and appreciate the competency that clients expect of legal counsel.

One of my most popular services as a freelance copywriter is writing SEO blog posts. This content helps my clients’ websites to rank on Google and gain attention from thousands of potential customers.

I include 1 SEO blog post free of charge with the “Small Website” and “Large Website” plans.

Want me to create SEO content for your website on a regular basis? Please see my SEO content writing plans.

Have you noticed that the websites that rank highly on Google are well researched, well written and provide you with all the information you are looking for? Poorly written websites often don’t rank on the first few pages of Google at all.

Most freelance copywriters work on the basis of payment per word. As a result, they do very little research and push out their projects as quickly as possible, resulting in copy and content that is rushed and lazy. Visitors and SEO web crawlers are left unimpressed, the website doesn’t rank, customers don’t buy and you’re left out of pocket. 

I have built my reputation upon writing web copy and content that is better researched and more persuasive than the competitors. I work on the basis of payment per project and only submit work to my clients once I am sure that it is of the highest standard. This is the reason why dozens of clients have trusted me to write their website copy and blog content since first starting my freelance copywriting business in 2020.

To see my work for yourself, please visit my portfolio

I have had many clients come to me after being disappointed by their previous SEO agency.

Most SEO agencies charge substantial fees for copywriting, content writing and other SEO services. However, because agencies work with large numbers of clients at any one time, they often struggle to invest the time and effort necessary to maximise client results. With so much work flowing in, few SEO agencies worry about being held accountable.

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I limit the number of clients that I work with at any one time. In doing so, I can ensure that I am getting the best possible SEO results for each client. I am held accountable for your SEO results, which benefits both parties – by doing great work, you see the value in my freelance services and refer me to other businesses.

I am a freelance website writer based in Sydney, Australia.

I offer my website copywriting services to businesses all around Australia and the rest of the world. 

I have written copy for many overseas businesses, including: USA, UK, France, Sweden and New Zealand.

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss the scope of your website copywriting project.

After the initial consultation, I require 50% payment upfront. Once I have received this payment, I will begin work on the project.

An invoice for the remaining payment will be sent to you once the project is complete. My payment terms are 14 days.

Both domestic and international clients can pay via direct deposit or PayPal. If neither of these options is suitable, please let me know and I will try to arrange an alternate payment method.

If you would like to discuss your website copywriting project, please contact me and I will respond within 48 hours.

Your Website Copy in 3 Simple Steps

Waste less time writing. Spend more time doing what you do best.


We meet over Zoom or a phone call and discuss your project. Afterwards, I create a copy brief.



I research your market before writing a first draft that is informative, clear, SEO-friendly and true to your brand voice.



You review the copy and provide your feedback. I revise the copy to your satisfaction.

SEO Success Stories

  • Grown websites from 0 to 10,000+ monthly users in 6 months.
  • Ranked 500+ articles on page one of Google.
  • Average user engagement time of 2-3 minutes per page.
  • Consistent PageSpeed Insight scores of 100.

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