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Rank even higher on Google by further optimizing content with rewrites, images, tags, links, schema and more.

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Five Star Upwork Rating for Harry Dale (Freelance Copywriter and SEO specialist at HDCopyCo)

Hey, I’m Harry 👋🏻

Harry Dale (freelance SEO copywriter and SEO consultant at HDCopyCo).

I’m a freelance SEO manager from Sydney, Australia. I’m also the owner of HD-SEO.

Since 2020, I have helped more than 50 businesses around the world to:

  1. Rank 500+ articles on the first page of Google;
  2. Grow from 0 to 10,000+ monthly visitors in 6 months;
  3. Convert visitors into paying customers.

What makes me different to other SEO content managers? In a fast-paced world, I keep SEO simple.

That doesn’t mean basic or rushed.

It means using consistent and replicable SEO practices across your entire site to drive thousands of visitors from Google and convert them into paying customers.

Message me now with a few basic details about your project. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Harry Dale (freelance copywriter and owner of HDCopyCo).

Why Hire a Freelance SEO Manager?

Supercharge Your SEO

Maximize SEO

A well-written article is only the first step toward SEO success. Rank faster and higher by building a long-term content strategy and optimizing each article with images, tags, links, schema and more.

Make Content Digestible

Nobody enjoys reading long and laborious blocks of text. Make blog posts more digestible and increase average time on page by optimising and inserting SEO-friendly images.

Keep Visitors on Your Site

Visitors to your website likely have further queries related to your business. Keep visitors on your site by linking to related posts or pages. Guide users down the sales funnel to the point of purchase.

Waste Less Time

You could waste hours on each blog post – sourcing and optimizing images, finding relevant links, generating tags, formatting a table of contents and much more. Or you could leave it all in the hands of a professional.

SEO Content Management Service


SEO Content Editing

Existing SEO content not ranking well? Have an expert analyse content issues, research keyword opportunities and rewrite existing articles to rank higher.

Image Optimization

I source free, high-quality images that make your article more SEO and reader-friendly. I then resize, compress and upload the images for faster page speeds.

Meta Tags

Meta tags help search engines and web users understand what your article is about. Follow best SEO practices by tagging your articles, images and other elements.

Internal Linking

Structuring your site using silo architecture makes it easy for Google and internet users to navigate. Link between relevant articles to keep visitors browsing your site.

Schema Markup

Speak the same language as search engines. Help Google understand your blog content and improve your chances of winning Featured Snippets and AI results.

Instant Indexing

Google Search Console (GSC) is a powerful but often neglected tool. I help Google rank your articles faster by instantly indexing through GSC and tracking site errors.

SEO Management at an Affordable Price

HDCopyCo offers two SEO content management services to supercharge your SEO.

Content Management



per article/incl. GST (AUD)

  • Direct Upload of Content to Site
  • Images Optimized & Uploaded
  • Formatting & Table of Contents
  • Meta, Alt Tags & Schema Markup
  • Internal Linking
  • Instant Indexing via GSC




per article/incl. GST (AUD)

  • 1 Blog Post Rewrite*
  • Keyword Research & Optimisation
  • Position Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Proofreading
  • Phone/Zoom Meeting

Annual SEO Content Planning



per year/incl. GST (AUD)

  • 12-Month SEO Content Plan*
  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Silo Site Architecture
  • Suggestions for Existing Content
  • Monthly Video Reporting

Not sure which plan is right for your business? Contact me.

*1 Blog Post being approximately 1,000 words.
Prices in Australian dollars

Things Clients Say

About My SEO Services

“THE BEST EXPERIENCE! Thank you for all your hard work, Harry. Extremely happy with the copy and content.”

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Five By Five Web Design

“Harry did great work on our blog. Really happy overall, particularly with the research he did. Thank you!”

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“Harry did an outstanding job writing the copy for my business website. Thorough, well-researched and highly professional.

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Sher Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions

I have managed SEO content for dozens of different businesses across a range of industries, including: law, commerce, construction, web design, consumer goods, health and beauty, travel, sport, gaming and fashion. 

There is no one particular industry that I specialise in as a freelance SEO manager.

However, my Law Degree (LLB) and experience in the legal industry are advantageous when working with law firms and other professional enterprises. I have a sound understanding of Australian Federal and State laws and appreciate the competency that clients expect of legal counsel.

A strong SEO strategy will help your website rank faster and higher within your niche. I have found that the best SEO strategy is to use a silo site structure and gradually build topical authority.

Please see my SEO strategy package for more information about my annual service.

I am an SEO copywriter, content manager and technical SEO expert based in Sydney, Australia.

If you are looking for an SEO copywriter to write copy for your website, please see my SEO copywriting packages.

If you are looking for an affordable SEO content writer to create monthly blog posts for your website, please see my SEO content writing packages.

Have you noticed that the websites that rank highly on Google are well-researched, well-written and provide you with all the information you are looking for? Poorly written websites often don’t rank on the first few pages of Google at all.

Most freelance copywriters work on the basis of payment per word. As a result, they do very little research and push out their projects as quickly as possible, resulting in copy and content that is rushed and lazy. Visitors and SEO web crawlers are left unimpressed, the website doesn’t rank, customers don’t buy and you’re left out of pocket. 

I have built my reputation upon writing web copy and content that is better researched and more persuasive than the competitors. I work on the basis of payment per project and only submit work to my clients once I am sure that it is of the highest standard. This is the reason why dozens of clients have trusted me to write their website copy and blog content since first starting my freelance copywriting business in 2019.

To see my work for yourself, please visit my portfolio

I am a freelance copywriter, digital content manager and SEO specialist based in Sydney, Australia.

I offer my freelance copywriting, management and SEO services to businesses all around Australia and the rest of the world. 

I have written copy and content for many overseas businesses, including: USA, UK, France, Sweden and New Zealand.

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss the scope of your SEO project.

After the initial consultation, I require 50% payment upfront. Once I have received this payment, I will begin work on the project.

An invoice for the remaining payment will be sent to you once the project is complete. My payment terms are 14 days.

Both domestic and international clients can pay via direct deposit or PayPal. If neither of these options is suitable, please let me know and I will try to arrange an alternate payment method.

If you would like to discuss your SEO project, please contact me and I will respond within 48 hours.

Better SEO Content in 3 Simple Steps

Waste less time managing SEO content. Spend more time doing what you do best.


We meet over Zoom or a phone call and discuss how my content management service can improve your SEO.



You grant me access to relevant accounts (e.g. WordPress, GSC) and I begin optimizing your SEO content.



I optimise SEO content directly on your website’s backend so that you don’t have to do a thing – just wait and watch the results.

SEO Success Stories

  • Grown websites from 0 to 10,000+ monthly users in 6 months.
  • Ranked 500+ articles on page one of Google.
  • Average user engagement time of 2-3 minutes per page.
  • Consistent PageSpeed Insight scores of 100.

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